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Copyright 1997 Esther Smith Bozak. All rights reserved.
Please read full copyright notice at end of patterns.

Part of the accompanying materials for a presentation on mosaic knitting to the Twisted Stitches Of Central New York Knitting Guild, by Esther Smith Bozak on December 6, 1997.

Finished Size: Approximately 4.5" wide by 6" long.


Pattern Stitch: Chart for Simulated Basketweave mosaic pattern stitch given on previous page.

Instructions: Cast on 25 sts with Color B (your designated "white" color), knit one or two rows, and then work Simulated Basketweave mosaic chart until strip is 15" long, or 2-1/2 times the desired finished length, ending with a wrong side row. Cut current color. Pick up other color, knit two rows, working a one-row buttonhole over center 5 sts on second row. Bind off and cut second color.

With wrong side facing you, fold up lower edge (edge without buttonhole) 6", or desired finished length, to make pocket. Pin in place. Sew side seams. Fold upper edge (the bag's flap) over pocket. Mark position of buttonhole on pocket front, and sew button in place. Hide ends.

Note: This pattern can be modified to make a small purse or bag of any desired length. For example, a small purse 4.5" wide x 9" long requires making the mosaic strip 22.5" long. Fold lower edge of finished strip up 9"; flap will be 4.5" long. Add a 45" I-cord (or crocheted) strap to complete the purse.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Copyright 1997 by Esther Smith Bozak. All rights expressly reserved. This pattern may be used by individuals for personal use and charity knitting only. It can be distributed to and shared with others as long as it remains fully intact, including this copyright notice. It may not be sold, used to produce items for sale, or used in a compilation or archive of any kind without the expressed written permission of the designer.
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