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2 balls DK weight yarn*
#6 & 8 Dpn's. For larger sock, use #7 & #9

Gauge: 4 sts = 1"

With double strand of yarn, cast on 32 sts (10-12-10) with #6 needles
Work K1, P1 rib for 12 rnds
Change to  #8 needles
Work in stockinette st for 6"

Knit 8 sts and place remaining sts on ndl #2, turn
Sl 1, purl 7 plus 8 sts from ndl #3.
Place remaining sts on instep needle.
On these 16 heel sts, work as follows:
Rt side: *sl 1, k1, rep from * across
Wrong side: sl 1, purl across.
Repeat these two rows until you have 8 chain loops along sides of heel flap.

SL1, P8, P2TOG, P1, turn
SL1, K3, K2TOG, K1, turn
SL1, P4, P2TOG, P1, turn
SL1, K5, K2TOG, K1, turn
SL1, P6, P2TOG, P1, turn
SL1, K7, K2TOG, K1  Do not turn
10 sts left -  you will finish at end of rt side row.

With same ndl, pick up and knit 8 sts along side of flap. With new needle,
knit instep sts. With new needle, pick up and knit 8 sts along other side
PLUS 5 sts from heel flap. Beginning of round is at center of heel. 

Rnd 1: Knit to within the last 3 sts of ndl #1, k2tog, k1. Knit across instep
sts. On 3rd ndl, k1, ssk,
knit to end of rnd.
Rnd 2: Knit even.
Repeat these 2 rnds until 32 sts remain.

Work foot to about 2" shy of wanted length.

Rnd 1: Knit to within the last 3 sts of ndl #1, k2tog, k1. On needle #2, k1,
ssk, knit to within 3 sts
of end of needle, k2tog, k1. On ndl #3, k1, ssk, knit to end.
Rnd 2: Knit even.
Repeat last two rnds until 16 sts remain. Weave 8 top sts to 8 bottom sts.
End off.

* Instead of 2 strands of DK weight yarn, you can substitute 1 strand
bulky yarn, or one strand worsted weight yarn + one strand sports weight

Esther S. Bozak
URL: http://www.cs.oswego.edu/~ebozak/troop-knitting/jh-socks.html