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Date: Wed, 29 Nov 1995 10:35:39 -0600
From: Kim Salazar

    ....I got this pattern (such as it is) from a friend in North
    Carolina who got it from a knitting shop that was coordinating
    the production and shipment of knitted items to American forces
    during the Gulf War.  (Apparently ears get quite cold during
    desert nights, and the new style Kevlar helmets and
    communications gear don't leave enough room for hats

    ....These are very quick to make, and easy enough to use as a
    teaching tool for people just starting to do knitting in the
    round.  During the Gulf War, several coworkers in the reserve
    were called up.  After hearing about the pattern and the need,
    I began knitting these in the lunchroom at work.  Soon I had a
    whole pile of people making them too.  We sent them to our now
    active duty coworkers, and our gifts were quite appreciated.

    Use real wool - it keeps warm even when wet, and won't melt
    like synthetics in fire.  We made the first batch in plain
    black, chocolate, and "desert tan".  We experimented with other
    ribbing stitches and colors in later batches.  (We stayed away
    from sharp attention-getting colors and high texture patterns).


    The object of this pattern is to produce a dense seamless
    circular band of about 3" wide that stretches the long way.
    When folded in half, the finished band should be between
    7.5" and 9" unstretched, and should stretch to at least 11"
    without straining.  Make one and try it on your own head.  If
    it's comfortable and doesn't flop down, you've got it right.
    Since heads come in many sizes, precision measurement isn't
    important.  Fiddling with needle sizes, gauge and cast on
    number is encouraged.

    Worsted weight wool
    1 set American size 6 double pointed needles or one short
        size 6 circular needle

    Gauge:  Approximately 6-7 stitches per inch in twisted rib.

    Twisted rib:  *K1 through the back of the loop, p1* repeat

    Cast on approximately 126 stitches and distribute them among
    the needles.  Knit in twisted rib until you complete about 3"
    to 4.5 ". Bind off.

    NOTE: You can use bulky yarn, too. Suggested needle size is 
    American size 8 and start by casting on 94-100 sts. 

Esther S. Bozak, ebozak@cs.oswego.edu
URL: http://www.cs.oswego.edu/~ebozak/knit/troop-knitting/earwarmers.html