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Copyright 1998 Esther Smith Bozak All rights reserved.
Please read full copyright notice at end of pattern.

SIZES (pre-felted):




Cast on 18 sts. Knit around, changing colors as desired, until the tug toy is 3' (short version) or 6' (long version) long. (Note: when changing colors, overlap yarns and knit 4-6 sts with both colors, leaving a 2+" tail on either end.) Bind off and cut yarn.

FINISHING: Fold each end in half widthwise and overcast shut. Pull all ends to the inside. Full/felt toy in washer and dryer or by hand. Add overhand knots, if desired, when toy is fully dry; knot short version in the middle and long version roughly 1-1.5' from each end (or roughly at the 1/3 and 2/3 points along length.)

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Copyright 1998 by Esther Smith Bozak. This pattern may be used by individuals for personal use and charity knitting only. It can be distributed to and shared with others as long as it remains fully intact, including this copyright notice. It may not be sold, used to produce items for sale, or used in a compilation or archive of any kind without the expressed written permission of the designer. All rights are reserved by the designer.
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