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There are many other reversible pattern stitches which don't necessarily meet all of my four criteria but which are still suitable for reversible scarves. Mary Lee Heerick has compiled a list of the reversible pattern stitches found in Barbara Walker's pattern stitch dictionaries, A Treasury of Knitting Patterns, A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns, and Charted Knitting Designs. This list is given below, with Mary's permission. The page numbers given are for the original books and may vary from the pages on which the pattern stitches are found in the newly reprinted volumes. -- Esther

Reversible Pattern Stitches in Barbara G. Walker's Treasuries

Compiled by Mary Lee Herrick

This list is for such projects as moebius scarves, where both sides should match, or baby blankets and dishcloths, where both sides should be nice to look at.

Virtually all of these are based on Barbara Walker's comments, so it is possible I missed some that she did not specifically point out.

Same on both sides means that they are either identical, or differ only in direction (for example, slanting right instead of left) on the reverse.

Different on both sides means that the sides differ, but that Walker has said something like "the reverse side is also interesting," which I took to indicate that either side could be used as a front. It would also be possible to alternate these: knit one pattern repeat, do a row of something like knit 1, purl 1, and then do the pattern repeat again--the extra row means it will face the other way. Then both sides of the material will be similar, alternating the two sides of the pattern.

The third treasury, Charted Knitting Designs only had a few mesh-type stitches that qualify for this list in the final uncharted section, so I didn't include that book.



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