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I need to make a special baby sweater for a very good friend of mine who is finally pregnant after many, many years of trying. She is in need of beginning sizes, so this sweater will be a 3-6 months size. She made her first aran 2 years ago through one of my classes, (and it is the A.R.A.N. for any of you who are interested), but she tweaked 2 of the cables to suit her hubby who loves aran stitch patterns. I would like to design and knit an offspring (how charming) of that sweater for her baby-to-be, who is a girl and due to arrive in December. I took the time to put her charts on my computer in my spreadsheet program, so I have them all, and there is a lovely 8 st cable that crosses every 4 rows that will work nicely for the center front and center back and center of the sleeves. I will use panels of double moss stitch and twisted knits to round out the wee sweater.

In fact I think I will call it The Wee Aran.

My yarn will be Lamb's Pride Superwash Worsted so that this sweater can go in the washer and so it doesn't take too long to knit. I have 300 grams put aside, and although I doubt it will take that much, I haven't done an aran in this size before, so I am leaning heavily into being overprepared.

The needles you will need will be circular 16" and double pointed (sets of 4 or 5) US size #6 or #7 or #8 depending on your knitting style, and then sets of the same 2 sizes smaller for the cuffs and ribbings, and a cable stitch holder.

The sleeves will be the gauge swatch and I'll cast on tomorrow.

Today I will plot the finished size of the sweater and make a sweater planning page in my notebook.

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Esther S. Bozak
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