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I normally use Lamb's Pride Worsted for this hat, but I know Cotton Chenille
from Crystal Palace would work as well.

small (20")  medium (21.25")   large (22.5")

1 skein - Lamb's Pride Worsted...4 oz skein...190 yards 
Needles : 16" circular.....# 6 or # 7 or size for gauge
               set of double pointed needles to match
               darning needle

GAUGE: 4.5 sts=1"

With 16" needle, cast on 90 (96,102) sts(stitches). Join and work in the rnd
(round). Place marker here to denote beginning of rnd. Work in stockinette st
(knit every rnd) for 6".

Decrease top as follows:
Round 1: *k 13(14,15), k2tog(together), repeat from * 84(90,96)sts
Round 2: k
Round 3: *k 12(13,14), k2tog, repeat from * 78(84,90)sts
Round 4: k
Round 5: *k 11(12,13), k2tog, repeat from * 72(78,84)
Round 6: k

Continue in this manner until 48 sts remain, then decrease EVERY round until
6 sts remain.  Cut yarn and draw thru last sts...fasten off. Weave all your
cut ends into your hat. Voila!

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