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Easy Mittens Pattern

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Date: Thu, 21 Aug 1997 08:42:05 -0400 (EDT)
To: knit@bolis.com
Subject: KNIT: ...mitten pattern

Good morning all

I have been enjoying the list lately...I feel a more intense energy for
some reason. New WIPs being contemplated...hmmm... The A.R.A.N. is coming
along nicely and looks GREAT sitting on my coffee table. 



Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted yarn makes WONDERFUL mittens and I will
use that. 

#4 and #6 double pointed needles work well for me.  I LOVE Bamboo!!!!!!!! 

I will also need a ring marker and a stitch holder (mini one, or two large
safety pins) and a ruler and a darning needle. If you are knitting these
for someone other than yourself...get a tracing of their hand and you can
estimate better. For a child...subtract 6 sts...for a HUGE hand...add 6
sts and work the thumb gusset to 15 or 17 sts. 


With #4, cast on 32 sts. Join. Work in the round in *k1,p1* ribbing for

Next round...Using #6 needles...*k 8, make 1 st* repeating around: 36 sts. 

Next round: k1, place marker, k around. 


Round 1: make 1 st, k1, make 1 stitch, slip marker, knit around: 38 sts.
Round 2: k around

Repeat rounds 1 and 2 until there are 13 sts on the first needle before
the marker. (The ending number of every increase round will be 2 sts
greater than the previous round) 48 sts


Knit across 13 sts and then slip them onto holders...knit around mitten
back to where you put the sts on holders...increase 1 st to keep knitting
in the round. Put your beginning of the round marker after the st... 36

Work in the round until the mitten clears your pinky finger.

Round 1: *k 4, k 2 together* repeat around: 30 sts 
Round 2:  k 
Round 3: *k 3, k2 tog* repeat around: 24 sts 
Round 4:  k
Round 5 and the rest...proceed as above until you have 6 sts. Cut yarn
leaving a 12" tail...with darning needle, run yarn through 6 remaining sts
twice and pull tight. Weave in end.


Pick up all sts on thumb holders...dig into the mitten fabric above thumb
opening and pick up 3 sts over where you cast on the one st before
starting the hand...Join...16 sts.

Round 1: knit around and decrease 2 sts by k2tog above two spots where sts
seem loose at "sides" of the thumb: 14 sts. Knit around evenly on these
sts until work clears thumb nail.  *k2 tog* repeating around until 6 sts
remain.  Close as for top of mitten. 

If anyone sees any math problems with my stitch numbers. POST THE LIST. I
am off to brush the rabbits today and I leave the Math Police to ensure
accuracy (I ran out of coffee at the cuff...yuck) 

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