Science Today Talk: Reminiscences on Chromesthetic Painting

The "After Talk" Recording (Compressed) This video is a reasonable representation of the talk, I think. Just a bit more ghostly, since I was talking to nobody as I recorded it. As in the real talk, the slides containing solely text are marginalized, in the extreme, by intent. Also, I have added some "bonus slides" to the end of the recording, slides which were not presented at the talk. This video is provided primarily for those who were interested in attending the talk, but could not for one reason or another. Perhaps others will find it useful, as well. Note: If you have a typical setup, this file will probably take about a minute to download.
The "Silent Slides" in pdf format These pages are intended for those who might like to actually read the pure text slides that I wrote to set up the more interesting slides of the presentation. They provide neither the sound files nor the animations that were part of the talk.