Rachid Manseur


Associate Professor

Director of Engineering Development

Interim Chair


Office::           298 Shineman, SUNY Oswego, Oswego, NY 13126

Tel:                  315-312-2693

E-mail:            rachid.manseur@oswego.edu





Office hours:  Monday & Thursday 9:30 – 11:00 am by appointment at other times

ECE375– Microprocessor Applications

Tuesday/Thursday, 2:20-5:00 pm in Shineman 404.



            Engineering Program Development at SUNY Oswego –

Educational visualization and computational software development and improvement.

            Working on a couple of books as time permits



Robotics - Digital Design - Embedded Systems - Modeling and Visualization Software Development,             Engineering Education - Program, Curriculum, Course and Laboratory Development




Robot Modeling and Kinematics, Thomson-Delmar Learning, April 2006, ISBN: 1-58450-851-5.

This textbook includes software for numeric and symbolic computation in robotics as well as modeling and visualization software for interactive simulation of robotic arms.


A second edition is in progress.



RModelo – A Robot modeling and visualization program that generates an animated 3D computer graphics model of any robot manipulator from its user-provided Denavit-Hartenberg parameters.

SKEG – Symbolic Kinematics Equations Generator.  A program that generates the kinematic equations of robotic arms in symbolic form and in standard robotics notation.

DHSim - DHsim.exe is a program that generates a VRML scene that takes a reference frame in sequence through each of the four geometric transformations described by the Denavit-Hartenberg parameters.

KAP5 - KAP5.exe solves the inverse kinematics of the general five-revolute-joint robot manipulator.  The user describes a 5R robot arm.  KAP5 can generate a pose matrix and compute joint angles for the robot to reach that pose matrix.

KAP6R - KAP6R.exe computes the forward and inverse kinematics of the general 6R robot arm.  This program is based on a numerical iterative method to search for several inverse kinematics solutions. 

POSRPY - The Program POSRPY.exe creates a VRML file that allows direct visualization of the translation and rotation of an object from a fixed reference frame to a pose described by user-supplied position coordinates and RPY angles.

PUMAsim - The PUMA 560 is a very popular industrial robot arm often used to illustrate robotics computations and control techniques.  The program PUMAsim.exe supplied in this folder generates a virtual model of PUMA robot with moving joints.  The user supplies an initial and a final configuration.

RPYsim - This program computes the rotation matrix that corresponds to a user-supplied set of RPY angles and provides a VRML model showing a reference frame undergo the three canonical rotations described by the RPY angles.

ZYZSim - ZYZ angles provide a way to describe the orientation of an object with three angles.  This program ZYZSim.exe generates a virtual reference frame that rotates into an orientation described by user-supplied ZYZ angles.




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