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Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 09:25:40 -0500
To: Multiple recipients of list 
Subject: KNIT: A.R.A.N.#9 : Sleeves and Row Gauge

Good morning all!

I made a wonderful discovery about my row gauge today...Remember how I
carelessly disregarded the formula I had arrived at for the sleeve
increases when it looked like my rate of increase wouldn't get me enough
sts...Well, surprise, my row gauge turns out to be more rows/inch than I
thought, which is actually a good lesson in


After three repeats of the cable pattern, I find that 6" of knitting has
been worked. Well, I had "figured" I would get 9".  This sweet Aran
pattern compresses somewhat as you move along, and I changed needles, too,
if you will remember, and that little bit of difference will allow me to
do more repeats of the pattern than I had at first anticipated, leaving
room for me to follow the percentage system without a worry! 

So...my anticipated sleeve length - cuff = number of inches for cable
            16" - 3" = 13" 
            13"/ 2" per cable repeat = 6 1/2 repeats before I stop the

Since I only need 5 cable patterns to work the 10 increases necessary, I
can knit evenly on the last full cable and halfway through the next one. I
am going to end my sleeve after a Round 5 has been worked (because that
round has some cabling in it and the next round doesn't, which when it
becomes our joining round, will be more easily worked...see, I'm lazy...). 
Once I have made this decision I need to WRITE IT DOWN, so that I

1) end the second sleeve in the same place
2) end the body patterning in the same place

This will become apparent as we join all the pieces for the yoke.

As I come to the end of my sleeve, I will measure the circumference and
the gauge (AND I will write it down), and I will slip all the sts onto a
circular needle SMALLER than the one I was working with, putting point
protectors on to secure the knitting (or tightly wrapped rubber bands ). 
Then when I go to join the sleeves and the body together later on, my sts
will be easily worked directly off the "holding" needle. (Garage sales are
PRICELESS for picking up extra circular needles to use as holders) 

So, I leave the ARANetwork to work on their sleeves and stay in touch. I
think if anyone is having trouble getting their gauge and numbers to work
out, they should post to the list for help. We can all learn from each
other.  Just remember this...Your sweater is doable with lots of different
sets of numbers to work with.  When in doubt...ask!  When I get a personal
e-mail from half of you (58 total at this time), I will resume the pattern
writing.  This also gives me time to get my OWN sleeves done! 

And, don't forget...all you latecomers and auditing knitters...this
pattern to date can be found at the address below my signature (thank you,

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