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Date: Wed, 14 May 1997 08:57:36 -0500
To: Multiple recipients of list 
Subject: KNIT: A.R.A.N  MATERIALS: Needles and notions

Good morning all

Much much fun, this project is turning out to be.  We are 18 strong at
this point and still counting. Lots of input came traveling to me
yesterday...A round robin of pictures when we are all done (Hi,  
Audrey)...putting the sleeve increases before and after a center cable
(Hi, Janet)...using Peace Fleece or Bartlettyarn (Hi, Esther)...and two
knitters want to steek this thing! So, we are off and running.

I really appreciate all the input. I intend to write out a single pattern
based on a "K NUMBER" a la Elizabeth Zimmerman, and everyone can tailor
things as they desire.  (For beginners, you can just do what I do and that
way if you get stuck, you can type-me-up and I'll know EXACTLY how to help

NEEDLES: if this Aran will be totally in-the-round, we need a collection
of circular and/or double pointed needles.  I am a fan of all circular
needles, and will use: 

12" circular #6 for sleeve cuffs

16" circular #6 for neck(don't need until the end)
                 #8 for sleeve

32" circular #6 for bottom ribbing
                 #8 for body of sweater

If we are going to start with the sleeve, then the shorter lengths are all
we need to get started. 

Other stuff: 
I am a real fan of knitting notebooks.  I have one that goes back almost
20 years, and three more after that.  I write down yarns used...HOW MUCH
YARN...needle sizes...basic measurements of what I'm making...MEASUREMENTS
OF THE GARMENT AFTER A FEW WASHINGS...things I did wrong...would do

Cable needle smaller than your Large needle (I am using a #6 cable needle)

Markers--LOTS of different colored rings that slip on a needle
Row counter

Graph Paper for your cable chart

Magnetic board if you so desire (I use one all the time)

Last of all... it would be a real good idea for you to measure a sweater
that you would like this sweater to be like.  There is no substitute for
the truth and a tape measure on a flat garment doesn't lie. Measure the
thing!  You will need

Inches across chest at underarm x 2...(circumference...will be used
                                       to determine "K" number)  
length of sweater from shoulder to hem 
depth of armhole...from shoulder to underarm point 
length of sleeve...from underarm to cuff
side length...from underarm to hem 
width of neck...measure right across
a neck opening from side to side 
depth of neck...measure how much lower the front of the neck is from the
                back of the neck

So, that is your assignment for today...PLUS...wind some of your yarn if

NOW...the planning stage starts tomorrow.  So, if you have a favorite
cable or if you have never done a cable...start reading about them
tonight.  Maybe it's time to get out the Stitch Pattern Books and start
dreaming.  We're going to put a big fat cable of some sort down the
sleeve...it will travel from cuff to neck.  Check out some patterns...I am
real partial to Braided or Plaited Cables and will probably end my search
there.  Anyone want to share their favorite Cable Stitch Patterns and

Claudia knitting at Countrywool overlooking Blue Hill in the Hudson Valley
of NY State in the USA

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