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Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 07:07:06 -0500 (EST)
To: knit@bolis.com
Subject: KNIT: KNIT- A.R.A.N. #23 - Yoke Rounds  

Good morning all!  We are gaining speed on this Anyknitter's Revolving
Aran Network Sweater...can't you feel the excitement? Thanks to those of
you who have kept in touch with your progress...it has cheered me on to
keep up with MINE (which is done) and, more importantly, with this pattern
writing. I have taken pictures of the finished A.R.A.N. sweater and am
getting them scanned to send to Esther so she can post them to her page
along with the pattern.  Esther has been an absolute sweetheart about this
project and I hope someday all the finished A.R.A.N. sweaters can hug her
in person. 


Well, here we are.

I have a cheater's way of doing yoke reminder rounds so I don't forget
where I am while all the patterning and neck scooping is going on.  I will
explain it to those of you who really care (I hear sighs out there...) and
then just post the dang thing for you to use. I also have a foolproof
(fool's?)  method of getting the right number of stitches for the neck
when you mess up your decreases.  See, I told you this was going to be

When plotting where to make the decrease rounds for a sweater yoke
area...remember that it is best to start out with evenly worked rounds in
between decrease rounds, and when you have to decrease EVERY round, these
rounds are best placed towards the neck. 

We have already plotted 15 rounds of even knitting, and 32 rounds of
decrease, so we decrease every other round for a total of 30 rounds, and
then every round.  That should come out to 47, and when we write it out
for the chart below, we'll see that it does. When you write it all down,
just make sure your "d" rows equal 32...how hard can that be...except for
a lot of 1st grade counting. 

A.R.A.N. NECK SCOOP...the real scoop

Our neck scoop will start with Round 32. Details in Post #24.


Copy this thing and use it with a red marker to mark when rounds are

48 d (sr)(inside)   
47 d (sr)
46 d (sr)(inside)                                                  
45 d (sr)                                                 
44 d (sr)(inside)                                                 
43 d (sr)
42 d (sr)(inside)
41 d (sr)
40 d (sr)(inside) 
39 d (sr)
38 d (sr)(inside)
37 d (sr)
36 d (sr)(inside)
35 d (sr)
34 d (sr)( inside)
33 d (sr)
32 d (sr)NECK SCOOP STARTS HERE (this row worked on inside!)
30 d
28 d
26 d
24 d
22 d
20 d
18 d
16 d
14 d
12 d
10 d
8 d
6 d
4 d
2 d
1...round 1 of Knitlist Celtic Plait

d = work a decrease round: 
*work to 2 sts before marker... P 2 tog, slip marker, TK (twisted knit),
slip marker, P 2 tog*

NOTE: I start my round a stitch early so that I can work the decrease
neatly at the beginning of the round. 

(sr) short row

(inside) this round is really a ROW and is worked on the inside of the
sweater as a short row). 

One final note: staying in pattern as you decrease...sometimes you cut
into a cable that needs 6 sts to make a good twist, but you can manage on
4 or 5 if you think about it.  Be creative and remember that the stitches
that cross IN FRONT need to remain "intact". You can fudge the stitches
that cross in back. 

Claudia knitting at Countrywool overlooking Blue Hill in the Hudson Valley of
NY State in the USA
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