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Date: Tue, 13 May 1997 06:25:17 -0500
To: Multiple recipients of list 
Subject: KNIT: Anyknitters Revolving Aran Network...MATERIALS: yarn

Good morning all

Well, my whining note for company in my up-and-coming Aran project
produced lots of cable ready friends. I love this list! 


I figure this sweater will be of a quite large nature.  I will plan for it
to be 54-56" finished circumference. (I will include an easy way to make
it smaller if that is simply too big for anyone)  And the yarn needs to be
a heavy type....either cotton or wool or mohair or whatever...that will
knit at 4 1/2 - 5 sts=1".  You will need to do some swatching, some of you
more than others, to get your gauge right, so having a set of different
sized needles to work with (borrow if necessary before you have to buy) at
the outset will be convenient. 

I think, if one knits loose enough, and does not make the sweater to
his/her knees, estimating 1800-2000 yards will be safe. Does anyone have
any experience here? I haven't done a cabled sweater in a few years, but
it did take 2000 yards and it was Green Mountain Double Twist which knits
at EXACTLY 5 sts=1", and it WAS almost to my knees (tunic length).  The
General Rule would be that if I wanted to duplicate that sweater in
THICKER wool, then I would need LESS yardage, but it would weigh more when
all was said.  Sort of inversely proportional.....unfair but there you
have it.

I have given lots of thought to starting with the sleeves.  This makes
much sense and saves us all from swatching too much.  But, you have to be
willing to tackle cable patterns that will be building as we shape the
sleeve....sort of fun but maybe we can find a real simple way for knitters
who haven't done cables yet (hi out there...we'll take care of
you...don't worry :). 

So, the first chore you all have is to RAID THE STASH.  Good examples
follow for those of you who need ideas...

Wool Tweed.....Crystal Palace
Romance.......Crystal Palace
Just Sheep....Patons
Lamb's Pride Worsted....Brown Sheep
Cotton Fleece....Brown Sheep
Top Of The Lamb Worsted....Brown Sheep
Lamb's Pride Superwash.....Brown Sheep
Angora Luxury......Fingerlakes
Softwool 2- ply........Fingerlakes
Mountain Mohair......Green Mountain Spinnery
Silkspun.....Green Mountain Spinnery
Double Twist......Green Mountain Spinnery
Inca Alpaca....Classic Elite

There are dozens of others...these are only examples.  Any yarn that has
190-250 yards/ 4 ounces...or 80-110 yards/50 grams...or 160-220 yards/100
grams will work fine.  Keep in mind...a real easy way to change the size
of the sweater is to choose thinner ot thicker yarn.  So, if we plot the
thing out and you decide that it is way too big, then choose a yarn that
knits at 5 1/2 sts=1" to take off a few inches. I may end up using yarn
that knits at 4sts=1" as I have this 60" sweater that I simply love to
curl up in and I may eventually decide to make a super-large one (La Gran
mohair would be nice for such a friendly project) 

So, go directly to your yarn stash (and take your calculator)...do not
pass the kitchen...do not collect the kids from whatever.  If nothing is
there, you must make a visit to your LYS. You can collect the kids...
later. This is an order.

Claudia knitting at Countrywool overlooking Blue Hill in the Hudson Valley
of NY State in the USA

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