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Date: Wed, 30 Jul 1997 13:20:51 -0400 (EDT)
To: knit@bolis.com
Subject: KNIT: A.R.A.N. # 17 - Increasing and Body Cables-Mistake contest

Good morning all

After a week of near tragedy, I now have time to send along the cables for
the Aran body.  I apologize to those of you who were waiting with needles
poised...life interfered. 


As I stated last time, make some swatches of the cables not on the sleeves
yet, and do some measuring. 

(11 STITCH) PLAIT CABLE (aka Simple Plaited Cable) 11 sts

- means purl
[ means knit
6 rc means 6 Stitch Right Cable 
6 lc means 6 Stitch Left Cable 

6-St Left Cable (over 6 sts): Sl 3 sts to cn (cable needle) and hold to
   front of work, K3, K3 from cn. 

6-st Right Cable (over 6 sts): Sl 3 sts to cn and hold to back of work,
   K3, K3 sts from cn. 

-]]]]]]]]]-  8
-6   rc[[[-  7
-[[[[[[[[[- 6
-[[[[[[[[[- 5
-[[[[[[[[[- 4
-[[[6   lc- 3
-[[[[[[[[[- 2
-[[[[[[[[[- 1


- means purl
[ means knit
\\\ means Front Cross 
/// means Back Cross 
^^^^ means Back Knit Cross
vvvv means Front Knit Cross
cn means cable needle

Front Cross (over 3 sts) slip 2 sts to cn and hold in front, p1, k2 from

Back Cross (over 3 sts) slip 1 st to cn and hold in back, k2, then p1
   from cn 

Back Knit Cross (over 4 sts) slip 2 sts to cn and hold in back,
   k2, then k2 from cn 

Front Knit Cross (over 4 sts) slip 2 sts to cn and hold in front, k2, then
   k2 from cn

----///[[\\\----   24
----[[-[[-[[----   23
---///-[[-\\\---   22
---[[--[[--[[---   21
--///--[[--\\\--   20
--[[---[[---[[--   19
--\\\--[[--///--   18
---[[--[[--[[---   17
---\\\-[[-///---   16
----[[-[[-[[----   15
----\\\[[///----   14
-----[[[[[[-----   13
-----[[vvvv-----  12
-----[[[[[[-----   11
-----^^^^[[-----  10
-----[[[[[[-----    9
-----[[vvvv-----   8
-----[[[[[[-----    7
-----^^^^[[-----   6
-----[[[[[[-----    5
-----[[vvvv-----   4
-----[[[[[[-----    3
-----^^^^[[-----   2
-----[[[[[[-----    1

Body and Cables:  I measured all my swatches: 

Raveled Braid...3"
Knitlist Celtic Cable...5"
6 sts of Double Seed Stitch...1.5"
(Simple Plaited Cable...11 Stitch Plaited Cable) Plait Cable...2.5"

and here's what the sweater will come out looking like ACROSS THE FRONT
adding everything together... 

PC - DSS - RB - DSS - KCP - DSS - RB - DSS - PC
2.5 + 1.5  +  3  + 1.5  +  5    +  1.5  + 3  +  1.5  + 2.5 =  22"

OK. I need 56" around...the front needs to be 28". I need 6 more inches of
something and I will choose DSS...3" on each side. 3" of DSS will be twice
what I am using between cables, so instead of 6 sts of DSS, I will use 12
sts of DSS on each side of the front. 

Since this sweater is in-the-round, I will simply duplicate the plan for
the back. 

I went and counted all the sts I need for my A.R.A.N. body and came up

DSS - PC - DSS - RB - DSS - KCP - DSS - RB - DSS - PC - DSS
12 + 11  +   6    + 16  +  6   +  34  +  6   +   16 +  6   +  11  +  12 =
136 for the front + the same for the back = 272 sts.


Wrapping a stitch to reverse the direction of your knitting: 

For those of you who have made your twisted rib and don't want it to show
on the outside: push your knitting through the center of your circle. Now,
find the working yarn and hold your work so that your needle(s)  mimics
the plane of your dinner plate (we are all familiar with that position, I
am sure) and the yarn is coming from the LEFT needle and your point of
knitting is at 6 o'clock on the dinner plate...slip the first stitch on
the right point to the left needle, put your working yarn between the two
needles to the opposite side of the work (if it starts out at the front,
move it to the back...if it starts out at the back...move it to the
front), slip the first stitch on the left point back to the right
point...VOILA...your working yarn now scoots out from beyond the stitch on
the right needle (where it should be to work with).  When you work the
first stitch on the left needle properly, you may have to move the yarn
one more time through the needles to get it to the back or front and
that's OK. 

Now you are ready to increase. I will suggest you use a lifted increase
(as in the sleeves) to add your stitches...I put "m1" in the pattern
because it types fast! 

Our ribbing was done on 200 sts. My calculations tell me that I need 272
sts to do the cabling and keep the sweater at 56" around. So, I will need
to increase as follows: 

200/72 = 2.78...I need to increase somewhere between every 2nd and 3rd st.
That's really helpful (sigh...it never comes out evenly when you wing it). 

What this tells me is that if I look at the increases as happening
unevenly, I can still find a regular pattern that will work. So, I will
look at the increase rate of 2 sts every 5th stitch.  I will try (k2, m1,
k3, m1) and see what happens. 

200/5 = 40 sets of 2 increases = 80 sts increased. Well, that's too many,
so I need to leave off 8 sts increased, which is 4 sets of 5 sts.

So, the increase plan is (k2, m1, k3, m1) all around EXCEPT in four places.
An easy way to accomplish this is to take 4 split ring markers or safety
pins or paper clips and just eye four points in your round of sts and mark
them.  When you get to each marker, just put in a group of 5 sts evenly
knit...it will work out fine. Then there are you perfectionists out there who
will count out everything and be better able to sleep at night because the
numbers are perfect...GO FOR IT. (BTW...I am married to your type...makes
for an interesting life.)

So I leave you to your knitting and wish you all well.  As usual, I am
sponsoring a Mistake Contest to help spot typos before they let your
knitting get out of control.  If you are the first to find a mistake...you
get a prize in the mail! It would be nice to read any A.R.A.N. reports on
the knitlist,so if you want to chat about it, I'm sure the rest of the
list would enjoy it.

Claudia knitting at Countrywool overlooking Blue Hill in the Hudson Valley
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