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Date: Thu, 5 Jun 1997 20:17:50 -0500
To: Multiple recipients of list 
Subject: knit: A.R.A.N. #12...Body cables?...time to knit

Good evening folks

Contemplating the A.R.A.N. body...I am working along on my second sleeve
but it's slow going, (see below).  Esther and I have been thinking of
cables to use .  I am planning on the KnitList Celtic Plait (KCP)as a
center cable, lots of Double Seed Stitch (DSS) in panels outlining all the
cables we finally use, and some nifty new cables.  Now, a while back (and
last year, too, I gather) there was quite a bit of discussion on the
Fibonacci squence and how to use it in Fair Isle work, and cable patterns
and LIFE, as I recall.  Here we are looking at this body and working for
balance and I need some input from those of you most familiar with the

Our sweater body stacks up like this...(this is the front view, but we are
working in the round so it will be repeated as is-for those of you looking
for simplicity- across the back and of course will be changed by those of
you looking for trouble:) 

     -DSS-Cable-DSS-Cable-DSS-KCP (34 sts)-DSS-cable-DSS-Cable-DSS-

Please give some thought to the numbers that will work well and send me a
note, or post the list so we can all learn together! 

Cables That Have Holes On The Side...

Well, Carla, I guess it can happen to anyone, and to the looser knitters
among us (I confess) it happens too frequently.  I have sympathy for what
I envision is the situation but I cannot IMAGINE s*w*ng them up to
alleviate it...horrors!  BETTER YET...unvent a new way to knit the cables
next time through.  Try using a smaller cable stitch holder (thinner, not
shorter). Try NOT using a cable needle at all (see Mel's wonderful
explanation in the A.R.A.N. postings). Try twisting the stitch where the
gap is happening...either on the first swing past it or on the next row
(or in the KnitList A.R.A.N...the next round).  Good luck.  Please report
back if anything helps you!

Finding Time To Knit...

HELP! Life is intruding and I need the combined mental energies of
everyone reading this to will me more time to SIT and KNIT. 

Claudia (wishing she was) knitting at Countrywool overlooking Blue Hill in
the Hudson Valley of NY State in the USA
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