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Subj:    knit: ...A.R.A.N. Support Group
Date:    97-05-12 09:36:51 EDT
To:      knit@geom.umn.edu

Good morning all!

Arans Around: the past few weeks have seen a few absolutely stunning aran
sweaters come-a-visiting. First Leigh's and then Elaine's (now she is
doing Red Aran Socks..HI ELAINE!!!!) and then Dorothy's.  A pattern is
building here.  I feel my Inner Knitter harkening to the pull of finding
those cable stitch holders.  I am going to Plan An Aran.  But, I am weak
and once planned and started I will falter.  Is there anyone else out
there willing to join my Anyknitter's Revolving Aran Network?  The only
thing clear at this Planning Stage is that it must be out of worsted
weight or thicker yarn and done in the round.  I envision a big, outside
sweater. I plan on writing the pattern to you as it evolves a la
Zimmerman....sort of a Serial Aran.  Completion date I foresee as
September. So, if this idea tickes your fancy, let me know and my brain
will start on it...sooner. 

Claudia knitting at Countrywool overlooking Blue Hill in the Hudson Valley
of NY State in the USA 

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