Calendar of Yarn-Related Events

Compiled by Esther Bozak.

Following is a calendar of events, mostly gleaned from the various magazines and newsletters I receive. I will try to keep the calendar as current as possible. I need your help on this, as I can't know of every event that's planned, so please send an email message announcing your event, or one of which you might know. (Please try to stick to the prevailing format here). Thank you! -- Esther S. Bozak

NOTE: The calendar is temporarily unavailable. I am in the middle of a major update/overhaul, and hope to have it available asap. Please continue sending new events to list. Sorry for any inconveniences this has caused. -- Esther S. Bozak
March 10, 2000 -- Due to severe access problems and network problems on campus, I am still unable to make the calendar available. I'm doing my best, but this is really out of my control right now. I will bring the calendar back on online as soon as normal access for me resumes, so I can finished updating the calendar. Please stay tuned.
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Esther Bozak
Last updated: March 10, 2000