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Jemma is a smooth coated Border Collie 'pound puppy' who was born at the Oswego City Animal Shelter on August 13, 1997 and adopted into the Bozak household on November 10, 1997.

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November 10, 1997
She is 12.5 inches tall and 16 pounds. Jemma had never seen grass before she arrived at her new home and has decided that grass is ok, and dried leaves on the ground are great tasting. She is curious, friendly and a quick study. She is still a little nervous about her new surroundings and is totally amazed by cats! Doors are somewhat intimidating, though she has mastered going down stairs, going up stairs is going to take more work.  

November 11, 1997
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November 12, 1997
Jemma has figured out how to go up the stairs! She has also discovered that there is another dog that hides in the glass doors of the barrister-style bookcases.  

November 28, 1997
Jemma has grown to 16 inches tall and 20 pounds! She better slow down! Must be those pig's ears that Pete provides!  

December 1, 1997
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December 11, 1997
Jemma thinks the Christmas tree ornaments are hers and we battle over whether they stay on the tree or in her mouth. No clear winner yet! She is still growing and will soon need a new collar.  
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December 19, 1997
Jemma is 18 inches tall, and 28 pounds! She has mastered going down the spiral staircase, even in the dark. She can reach much further onto counters than she could even a few weeks ago and consequently is getting into additional troubles! Lucky for her she is still cute!  

December 23, 1997
These photos show the true power in 601 Culkin Hall, and also capture a candid moment when Jemma was updating her web page. After all, on the Internet, no one knows if you are a dog!  
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December 25, 1997
Another candid moment showing the power behind the Dean's office...Frodo (Interim Dean Varhus' dog) meets Jemma to compare lists of Christmas goodies each received. (Actually, the two are working on a budget revision to ensure a sufficient supply of dog biscuits through the end of the fiscal year...)  

February 19, 1998
It has been a busy two months since our last update. Jemma is now just under 21 inches tall and weighs 41 pounds. She has lost all of her baby teeth - just regular dog teeth now!

For the past several weeks Jemma has been a diligent student at a dog obedience course, and has worked hard at all of her training exercises. Her graduation is scheduled for February 23 - pictures will follow!

A stuffed, life-size Mallard Duck (called, appropriately, "Duck") is her favorite new toy. She is also getting along better with the cats. One of her favorite activities is visiting different departments at school where she can meet lots of new people. She must make a good impression because she keeps receiving invitations to visit.