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At Oswego we offer three degree programs in cognitive science. A wealth of cognitive science courses are offered from a variety of disciplines. We also have developed a number of "Cog" labelled courses expressly for the program. The cognitive science faculty are drawn from a very supportive set of contributing departments. There are roughly ten cogsci majors at the present time, and we tally thirteen cogsci alumni, the first of whom graduated in 2000.

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The Cognitive Science Program at Oswego was estbalished in 1998. Establishment of Cognitive Science program bylaws was the first major task of the newly constructed Program Advisory Board. The ongoing task of program assessment is an important challenge that the board has only recently started to focuss increased attention on.

The learning agreement component of the cognitive science major is a distinctive feature of our program. We have archived the learning agreements for all of our graduates since the inception of the program. All degree granting programs at Oswego have a "writing across the curriculum" plan, or WAC Plan which is based on an approved WAC Proposal.

These program codes are needed to declare a CogSci major or minor. Tips for course planning and scheduling may should useful to students and advisors.

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We are presently discussing the possibility of a CogSci/HCI 5 Year BS/MA program.

Cog166 serves as to satisify the critical thinking requirement for GenEd. The Cog166 CT proposal may be informative to some.