Craig Graci


This page represents an eclectic mix of unpolished stuff. For the most part, it represents works in progress. Some of the pages represent modest projects that I occasionally find some time to think about. Others represent less modest project proposals that I would like to be able to work on some day. Some of the pages take the form of lecture notes that find their way into the courses that I teach. Some represent computer programs that relate in one way or another to research that I causally engage in. A few pages are merely banks of text fragments taken from various sources. These are resevoirs of knowledge that I like to browse when sitting still in trafic jams or standing in lines. Pages that represent aspects of Cognitive Science Program and Computer Science Department operations appear in this site, as do pages that represent certain other college "business". Miscellaneous image, sound, and text files also lurk within the site. These pages are principly intended as a means by which to share my own constructions with myself. If you should drop in, which you are most welcome to do, please keep that in mind.

The Stuff

Projects relating to my chromesthetic paintings seem to be garnering quite a bit of attention on the SUNY Oswego campus. The mixing of senses, the mixing of media, and the mixing of ideas evidently appeal to our sense of fun! More significantly, ideas associated with the paintings are being tapped for a number of promissing interdisciplinary collaborations.

I have been playing bridge ever since I was a kid. Much to my shagrin, I have never taken time to learn to play even remotely well. For a variety of reasons, I'm thinking that it is time to change that. Consequently, I have started work on the construction of a number of cognitive artifacts for bridge that may prove useful to the aspiring player. (Of course, for me, a pleasant side effect of building these artifacts will be an enhanced knowledge of the game!)

A few unpolished bits of code that I have written over the years have proven to be useful in certain learning situations. Among the programs available for download are a Prolog program to do simple IO and a set of Java projects pertaining to music and nonrepresentational art.

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