[concurrency-interest] Review/Input/Comments asked for threadpool structure

Peter Veentjer alarmnummer at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 08:22:48 EDT 2007

I would like to have some comments on the following two structures:

This structure:

A structure much like the Executor but with support for blocking
calls. A ThreadPoolBlockingExecutor makes use of a ThreadPool to deal
with the threads:

And this structure:
The standard implementation of the ThreadPool is the StandardThreadPool

The main problem I see is shutting down: I'm afraid work remains in
the queue after shutdown. I'm afraid I'm missing a possible scenario.

I also use the ThreadPool in the

Help is very much appreciated.

A problem I know about is:
calling shutdown on blockingexecutor with work in the workqueue but
with an empty threadpool. This will lead to unprocessed work. This
issuse is going to be fixed.

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