[concurrency-interest] synchronization edge case

Dhanji R. Prasanna dhanji at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 00:43:12 EDT 2007

On 4/24/07, David Holmes <dcholmes at optusnet.com.au> wrote:
> Really, as a matter of robustness, no library class should use a publicly
> accessible object for its locking - except as part of an explicit protocol.

That sounds very sensible (and is the common wisdom Ive heard). It looks
like Classloader.loadClassInternal() also synchronizes on the current
classloader, so is it possible to lock out an app (even more severely) by
acquiring the monitor of the system classloader (and never letting go)?

Are these problems that have been discussed before--I am curious whether
this is just water under the bridge or something to be worried about =)

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