[concurrency-interest] Lock-free mania

Joseph Seigh jseigh_cp00 at xemaps.com
Wed Apr 18 06:33:05 EDT 2007

Brian Goetz wrote:

>I think that's right.  Just as eight years ago the same crew built
>elaborate thread-based mechanisms to solve problems that were entirely
>compute-bound and deployed on single-processor systems -- which would
>have been more effectively solved with a sequential approach.
>But its not productive to try and "outlaw" foo-free algorithms, any more
>than it was productive to outlaw threads -- the best we can do is
>educate people when NOT to use them.  Of course, teaching people that
>they're not as smart as they think is an uphill battle.  Time tends to
>be a better teacher of these things than those who actually know better.

Most of the lock-free algorithms are patented or being patented, so you 
could sort of "outlaw"
them with licensing restrictions.

Joe Seigh

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