[concurrency-interest] Selecting most recently busy worker thread

Janne Savukoski janne at savukoski.name
Tue Apr 17 17:40:21 EDT 2007

Hi everyone,

In "Notes from the Architect" at
http://varnish.projects.linpro.no/wiki/ArchitectNotes was mentioned

"The worker threads are used in 'most recently busy' fashion"

which got me thinking if this selection method is used also in
ExecutorService implementations? I guess this is less relevant as
probably in most cases the released workers either get their next job
immediately, or otherwise all caches get flushed anyways and it's not
that big a deal. But still, if this ordering--nor any other
special--wasn't used, could it be a minor optimization worth doing?
Also, could it benefit the use of ThreadLocals in particular? I'm a
big fan of those..

best, Janne

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