[concurrency-interest] LinkedBlockingQueue does not throw ClassCastException

Mike Quilleash mike.quilleash at subexazure.com
Mon Apr 16 15:31:00 EDT 2007

Generics only offer compile-time checking.  During compilation the
<Integer> of the LBQ is "erased" from the class definition so the
internal implementation has no knowledge of what type the LBQ was
declared as.  Just pretend at runtime all generic method
parameters/returns and fields become Object.  The only way to achieve
what you are asking would be to explicitly pass in Integer.class to the
LBQ during constructor and have it do a clazz.isInstance() check for
each add.

I imagine the setUp() line is throwing a compile warning about
unsafe/unchecked assignment indicating you have lost the compile-time
type-safety of the <Integer>.


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I am trying to test LinkedBlockingQueue and I cannot get the class cast
test for method add through:

public class lbqTest {

    LinkedBlockingQueue q;

    public void setUp() {
	q = new LinkedBlockingQueue<Integer>(3);

    @Test (expected=ClassCastException.class)
    public void seqAddNonmatchingArg() {
	q.add(new String("x"));

What I receive is this:

There was 1 failure:
1) seqAddNonmatchingArg(lbqTest.lbqTest)
java.lang.AssertionError: Expected exception:

I would expect a successful test according to the documentation of the

What is wrong? How can I get the test pass?

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